Leslie: English teacher - How to ask the chatbot to define a word

Leslie Linguo


My definitions dictionary has three independent databases with over 21,000 nouns, about 12,000 verbs and about 18,000 adjectives. In order to keep my responses as short and clear as possible, I will first search the noun database, then the adjective database, and then the verb database. As soon as I find a match, I will provide the definition. For this reason, I recommend that you be specific in your request. For example:
- If you say DEFINE FAST, I will tell you what A FAST is.
- If you say DEFINE THE ADJECTIVE FAST, I will tell you what the adjective FAST means.
- If you say DEFINE TO FAST or DEFINE THE VERB TO FAST, I will give you the meaning of the verb TO FAST.

Naturally you can ask me for a definition in any number of ways.


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