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Leslie Linguo

Leslie:Welcome to the downloads page. Below you will find links to the programs that I need to work properly. If you would like to add a link or you require more information about setting up your own chat robot on your own server or at this site, then please contact my botmaster.


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Download and Links page

The Brain
· ALICE A.I. Foundation
· Chatbots.org
· Alice Foundation AIML files
· Square Bear AIML files
· Linguo AIML Share
The Text to Speech
· Festival TTS (text-to-speech synthesis)
· LAME (to convert the wav files to mp3 format)
The Interface
· Program-O
The ESL Q&A Database
· Question2Answer
The Code
· PHP code for the TTS (text format)
· PHP code for including the chatlog (text format)
· PHP code for translating the chatbot's responses (text format)
Other Highly Respected Chat Robots
· Mitsuku
· Morti