A set of online tools using natural language processing and artificial intelligence to aid the learning process of English as a Second Language

- Leslie Linguo, ESL Chatbot
Leslie Linguo is an ESL oriented chatbot. He can talk about different topics in English, define words, provide synonyms and antonyms, translate his responses into over thirty languages, explain grammar, and finally conjugate nouns, adjectives and verbs, both in writing and orally.

- POS tagger
A POS (part of speech) tagger is a programme which tells you what words are adjectives, nouns, verbs... etc. It is especially useful for natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

- Online Reported Speech Converter
Reported speech is an integral part of the ESL learning process, and at more advanced levels it is often used as a way of ensuring a student has an excellent comprehension and a perfect grasp of some of the more complex rules of grammar, because converting direct speech to indirect speech "on the fly" requires just that.

- Text to Speech
Pronunciation in English is one of the most complicated aspects of the ESL learning process because English is not "phonetic". That means that we do not always say a word the same way that we spell it. This online application allows you to insert any text and listen to it... and in a scottish accent too!